IKE Food Machinery celebrates Thanksgiving to global customers

November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving originated in the United States and is the fourth Thursday in November, but in Canada, it is the second Monday in October. It was originally a festival to celebrate the aboriginal people, but now it is expanded to celebrate other people around you.

People will have a two-day holiday on Thanksgiving. Everyone will meet with family and friends and celebrate with joy and gratitude.

Delicious turkey and sweet pumpkin pie is the main course of every Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is a time for tradition and sharing. In the spirit of gratitude, NGOs and charitable organizations provide food and clothing for the poor and the homeless, as well as traditional meals.

What should we be thankful for?

The grateful universe provides us with a living environment, gives us sunlight, air, water, and everything that is compatible with the existence of space, brings storms for us to accept, makes us strong, and brings us mystery for us to find.

Grateful parents gave us life, let us feel the happiness of life, the true feelings of life, and the hardships and pains of life!

Grateful teacher is conscientious, teaching every day, giving us knowledge and wings, so that we can fly in our ideal direction.

Thanks to the growth of classmates and friends, I am no longer alone in the journey of life; with a grateful heart, we are stronger in the face of failures.

Let all IKE employees wish you a happy Thanksgiving and happiness every day!


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