IKE Food machinery live stream on YouTube on March 4th

February 25, 2022

Hello dear customers, IKE Food Processing Machinery will have a live stream on YouTube on March 4th, during which the cleaning, peeling, slicing, drying and packaging production process of ginger will be demonstrated. The equipment selected this time is DS-WN075 wool Brush cleaning and peeling machine (with the functions of brushing fruits and vegetables, polishing fruits, root-like food peeling), DS-S190 double-knife cutting machine (with the functions of slicing, cutting, dicing, and cutting), WRH-100GN food dryer ( With food drying and high temperature disinfection functions) and DS-B320A vertical packaging machine (with automatic bag making and packaging functions). During the live broadcast, our narrator will introduce the working principle of food washing, peeling, cutting, drying and packaging and the advantages of IKE food machinery. If you have anything you need to know, please feel free to contact us, our The host will answer you one by one.

IKE Machinery was founded in 1994. With 28 years of experience in machinery R&D and production, IKE Machinery has provided thousands of food processing solutions to customers around the world, and has won unanimous praise from customers. The IKE factory produces and sells food cleaning machinery (potato cleaning and peeling, leafy vegetable cleaning and sterilization, fruit and vegetable cleaning and polishing, etc.), fruit peeling machinery (apple peeling and pitting, mango avocado peeling, passion fruit extracting pulp juice, etc.), fruits and vegetables Cutting machinery (fruit slicing, dicing, shredding, vegetables, dicing, shredding, ginger paste manufacturing, chili sauce manufacturing), food drying machinery (meat drying, fruit and vegetable drying, spice drying, flower drying, seafood drying, etc.) , Food packaging machinery (packaging of puffed food, snacks, nuts, biscuits, candy, pet feed). Before sale, we can provide professional purchasing advice and production line design scheme, and after sale, we can provide professional technical guidance and maintenance advice. Welcome to contact us and leave your contact information, thank you.

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