Large-scale vegetable food processing factory construction case

This is an automated food processing workshop built by the IKE factory according to customer needs. From the construction of the workshop to the selection of production equipment, the IKE team participates in the whole process. The production line can meet the needs of automation, efficiency, guard, and labor cost reduction. It is a whole day Customized modern food processing line.

Customer demand: It is necessary to build a large-capacity industrial-level vegetable processing workshop, which requires vegetable selection, cleaning, cutting, blanching, conveying, packaging and other functions; due to relatively expensive labor, the production line needs to be highly automated;

Specific steps:

1. Build a sufficiently large enclosed workshop, with water supply, power supply, drainage, and guards all meeting food industry standards;

2. Choose the location of the production line, reserve enough space on both sides of the production line to facilitate transportation and worker activities.

3. Customize food machinery according to customer capacity, including manual sorting table, vegetable cutting machine, vegetable washing machine, vegetable blanching machine, conveyor elevator, automatic packaging machine, etc.

4. Test and adjust the parameters of each machine, including the size of vegetable cutting, cleaning time, conveying speed, blanching temperature, packaging weight, etc.

5. Technical guidance, detailed technical guidance on the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the machine.

Large-scale vegetable food processing factory construction case Large-scale vegetable food processing factory construction case

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