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All Types of Food Machinery

We can provide all kinds of food production equipment to meet all the needs of the factory; food washing machines, peeling machines, cutting machines, dryers, packaging machines five categories of food processing machinery, according to different processing functions are divided into more than 100 Each model, each process of food processing is very important, what production equipment the customer lacks, what production equipment IKE can provide.

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Customized Food Production Line

Which has successfully provided a full set of production solutions and equipment for various food processing to factories around the world, including: fruit washing-peeling-slicing-drying-packing production line, potato washing-peeling-slicing production line , Supermarket fruit and vegetable cleaning-dehydration-packaging production line, kiwi cleaning-peeling-slicing-blanching production line, fruit cleaning-air drying-sorting by size-packaging, etc.

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Food Processing System Integration

Systematically link production equipment and production steps, reduce redundant steps in production, effectively improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

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One-click Food Intelligent Production System

According to the needs of food processing, the most suitable production system can be customized, and the parameters of each processing link have been preset before production, such as food cleaning speed, peeling thickness, Cutting size, drying temperature, packaging weight, etc., all processing steps can be completed with just one button start, making production more convenient.

Intelligent Monitoring System

System can monitor and remotely operate the equipment and production process in the office through the network; the production parameters can be browsed at any time, and each link of the production can be monitored to ensure the stable operation of the production and the quality of the product.

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