• Q: What’s bubble washing machine?


    Bubble washing machine is a cleaning device, use water bubble to clean fruit and vegetables.

  • Q: How does bubble washing machine work?


    Machine uses high-pressure air blower to generate bubble for cleaning. Water shaking effectively separates the mud and impurities that attached to the vegetables.

  • Q: Do you have different capacity?


    Yes, we have different capacity washing machine to meet your demand, range from 200-2500kg per hour.

  • Q: What’s application for the machine?


    The bubble washing machine can clean fruit and leaf vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cabbage, celery, apple, lemon, eggplant etc.

  • Q: How can i wash pesticide residue from vegetables and fruits?


    Bubble washing machine has ozone disinfection function, the ozone generator could supply ozone to the water which can kill bacterial and oxidize the pesticide.

  • Q: How is ozone produced? What is the effect of ozone? How does ozone sterilize food?


    Ozone is a light blue gas with a fishy smell. Ozone is easy to decompose and is not easy to store. The ozone in application is generally produced and used immediately by an ozone generator. There are three main types of ozone generators: high-voltage discharge, ultraviolet irradiation, and electrolysis. Mode. Ozone is widely used in the food industry. There are several ways to use it: 1. Sterilization and disinfection of fruits and vegetables. The cleaning and disinfection of fruits and vegetables is a very important task. Ozone is a high-quality gas disinfectant, which can effectively kill fungi, viruses and bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables, prevent their reproduction and development, destroy harmful microorganisms, destroy botulinum, etc., and has a very strong sterilization ability. In addition, ozone has strong oxidizing properties, which can decompose pesticides remaining on fruits and vegetables, making food more healthy. Food washing machines are often equipped with ozone generators. The ozone produced can be dissolved in water. Perform effective disinfection and cleaning. 2. Lengthen the storage and preservation time of food. Ozone is often used for sterilization in food warehouses. Ozone can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and prevent food from decay and deterioration. It can decompose the ethylene gas produced by fruits and vegetables and slow down the metabolism of fruits and vegetables. The role of effective preservation. 3. Disinfection and sterilization of food production workshops. Food production workshops have very high requirements for hygiene. Preventing microbial contamination is a very important factor to ensure video quality. Ozone can effectively inhibit and kill most of the bacteria and microorganisms in the workshop environment. It is often used to replace ultraviolet lamps as a method of sterilization and disinfection of food processing equipment, pipes, and containers; it can kill 80% in the air at 0.5-1.0PPM. % Of bacteria, ozone also has the effect of removing odors. 3. In the purification treatment of tap water, ozone can quickly dissolve in the water, effectively decompose organic matter such as humic acid and fulvic acid in the water, and can also oxidize inorganic pollutants, which can clean and deodorize the tap water. 4. The vegetable and fruit greenhouse can kill pests and diseases, reduce the use of pesticides, and make fruit and vegetable cultivation more healthy and environmentally friendly. The sealed greenhouse can be fumigated with ozone for 15-20 minutes, which can effectively alleviate the early blight, late blight and leaf mold of fruits and vegetables. Dead greenhouse whitefly, leaf miner, aphids and other pests.

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