IKE AIO DF600 super size cabinet food drying machine

The IKE AIO-DF600GWB ultra-large cabinet food drying machinery is currently our largest integrated cabinet type machine (the whole machine has been installed before delivery and can be used directly after receipt), which can dry 400-600kg of fresh food at a time materials. This machine adopts the heat pump closed-loop food drying technology developed by IKE. Its advantage is that it saves electricity more than traditional old dryers and greatly reduces the cost of food processing. At the same time, this technology can make the food drying process more efficient. The mildness of the food not only keeps the nutrients of the dried food from being destroyed, but also maintains the original color and fragrance of the food to the greatest extent. It is suitable for drying a variety of foods, such as: drying of fruits and vegetables, drying of herbs, drying of meat, drying of cereals and nuts, and drying of seafood, etc.

The maximum processing temperature of AIO-DF600GWB can reach 80 degrees Celsius. It is a high-temperature food drying machinery. The high-temperature environment of the chassis can effectively sterilize the food, making the dried food safer and more hygienic. In addition, this machine can also design the air duct appropriately according to the needs of customers, so that the food can be dried more evenly. This machine is made of high temperature resistant stainless steel material, which is sturdy and durable, and also helps to keep the machine clean and clean. For different foods, customers can choose trays with different materials and no design for food drying according to the actual situation. There are a variety of stainless steel trays and plastic trays with different functions for customers to choose.

IKE Group focuses on the research and development of food processing machinery and has 27 years of experience in food production plan design and production line construction. Can provide a complete food production system according to customer needs. Welcome to contact us for free product testing!


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